The Geisha Balls / Ben Wa Balls / Smartball pelvic exerciser technique to strengthen pelvic floor muscles. Inserted into the body, they can be worn in short intervals by beginners, or even all day long! Made of two linked oval "balls" in body-friendly elastomed material, each sphere has a smaller sphere inside that moves with each step or movement, encouraging stronger internal muscles. A handy retrieval cord ensures this item is easy to use, makes Geisha lastic Balls comfortable to use. Try this lastic ball and make your sexual more surprise.

Product Name: Perfect Geisha Lastic Ball
Condition: Brand New
Item: 71002
Color: Pink, Black
Material: Silicone
Weight: about120g
Size: 3.7cm in dia, 10.3cm long

1.The one of a kind Smartballs are an advanced pleasure device for woman. Every move you make causes the metal balls inside the larger hollow balls to vibrate, causing subtle arousal and discreet stimulation. The vaginal muscles are stimulated, massaged and exercised.
2.The Smartballs even provide a targeted workout of the pelvic floor, which leads to more fun with your partner. They support regeneration gymnastics and can prevent incontinence.
3.Smartballs are made of safe, non-hazardous materials, which are also used in the manufacturing of medical products. They are extremely durable and easy to clean. The unique design and velvety smooth surface are a delight to the eye. The string of soft and pliable like nylon and is also coated for better hygiene.
4.The structure and the slightly elliptic form noticeably enhance the thrill of the intimate massage. A new, patented manufacturing process enhances the silent run feature of the inner balls and makes Smartballs the quietest love balls in the world.
5.It's not possible for them to get "lost" inside your vagina. Gravity will always force them downwards and even if you stand on your head, there is no where for them to go to disappear into your body. They will always be able to be removed. When you're a new user, yes they will fall out on you. This is normal and over time they'll stay in.
6.Try them and be amazed!

1.To be used with the toy lubricant.
2.Sale of goods are taken in kind, the shooting by the environment, light, picture portfolios, product performance may be a slight error in kind, such as 10% of the color, the volume size ratio.
3.18 years of age prohibited.
4.Do not use the toy to any swelling or pain in the area.
5.Do not intimacy, the use of any non-dedicated equipment. Only used by design and good quality toys, and careful selection of product purchase sources, to ensure your own health and safety.
6 Do not record or use in preterm premature signs of pregnant women, especially in the stomach and genitals and other parts. Vibration may lead to early uterine contractions, so please ask the doctor, no problems re-use.
7.Do any party will not know the circumstances or mental state to use toys. For each of the acceptance of different toys, and make full use of the communication before. In particular, to gentle treatment of women, and to maintain good manners and mutual respect manner. From slow to fast, progressive approach, and gradually to enjoy the fun of toys.
8.Do not use a toy, the object in a different body. Only a toy, a unique object in the body, in order to maintain health and avoid spreading germs. The same object, nor can the case without washing, while use of the anus and genitals, anus outside to prevent bacterial infection.
9.This product should not be considered as medical equipment, products can only be as fun to use and trafficking.

How to use Ben Wa balls:
1.Insert 1 at a time into the vagina by pushing it up with your finger, same as inserting a tampon. If you find that it won't slip in easily, you can put some lubrication on the ball first.
2.Proceed with your regular daily activities. At first the balls will probably fall out during hard walking movements but over time your muscles will be strong enough to hold them in on their own. We recommend not leaving the house for the first few weeks!
3.Remove when you're done. You can wear them for a couple of hours or all day. Any amount of time will help with exercises. Methods of removal include jumping up and down to get them to fall out or lifting 1 leg up high and pulling each out with 2 fingers one by one (the preferred method).
4.Clean with antibacterial hand soap and hot water after each use and before storing.

Package included:
1 * kegel exercise balls

More details shown in the pictures:

Kindly suggest using with the Lubricants:

Click here to know more about:Water-soluble Adult Body Lubricating Oil


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